Fashion Faux Pas

At the outset I should probably confess ‘fashion’ isn’t my strong point. I like to keep it simple and low key and get the most out of the limited wardrobe (re same three shirts jj) I own. None the less in modern times we have seen the advent of some truly ridiculous styles


1) The Shirt, Jeans and Tie look:


Now I don’t know this guy, but if you do please tell him he looks stupid.   Not only is he committing the cardinal sin of taste with the tie, but he really manages to leave his dignity someplace foreign with the inclusion of the bow tie.  Is he living out some delusion of a lost opportunity to be privately educated?  There’s only ever three occasions where wearing a tie is justified. At school. In the workplace. Or at a social function usually catered for with an abundance of alcohol where the look of formality usually masks the sloppy debauchery that ensues at such a well planned piss up.


2) Fluro Singlets/anything fluro:

Bust A Move


Above is a link to Young MC’s timeless classic ‘bust a move’. It was around the time of that film clip that fluro may have been acceptable (1989), it was only a month or so after that film clip’s production that fluro was relegated to its rightful place in the dustbins of history. The mind boggles how it has managed to revive itself as an accessory amongst  trendy young things some twenty years later. Perhaps these same trendy young things are self conscious to the extent that they need the colour of their outfit to match the colour of their glow sticks.


3) Elaborate V Necks:

Perhaps this isn’t the best example as the dude in the picture pulls off the washed up anemic hobo vibe commendably. What you really have to visualise is an over the top sports star, with the best part of a tub of hair product, wearing a pink (or other hideously coloured) one, with an inflated and entirely undeserving sense of self-confidence and ability. For instance picture someone from the Fremantle Dockers (Byron Schammer is a perfect example)/any other mediocre sporting franchise, wearing this elaborate v-neck and you should get the drift.


4)Skinny Jeans:

Enclosed above is a picture of Bon Scott. Beyond being a middle of the road musician, and an inspiration to generations of eager young bogans, the date of Bon Scott’s death (1980) should have been the last time it was appropriate to wear skinny jeans. No amount of rock n roll posturing can ever literally restore the damage and integrity done to your manhood that wearing skinny jeans will do.


What next?

So it’s obvious that a whole lot of fashion trends manage to slip through the barometer of good taste. Other items I can’t be bothered ranting about include pink shirts, those massive guess handbags, crocs, joggers and jeans, corduroy jackets (although admittedly this is a personal favourite of mine), the $350 flannelette shirt etc, etc.


Now I don’t pretend to have the answers to these affronts on propriety, however they do provide a good laugh. In fact I often wonder if these ridiculous trends are just practical jokes concocted by fashion designers to see how undiscerning and stupid consumers are willing to be, and see how much consumers are willing to pay for it in the process. What price do you put on your stupidity?





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